something of me....†

My eyes are full of tears

nothing happened,nothing at all...

only an image in my mind

a pale picture of myself

Alone and cold...as my heart now is...

Bells ring in a way I've heard before

Mortals filling the streets

All that's left of yesterday is now gone...

Flowers are now dead,tree leaves are yellow

Raindrops are falling on my face in a manner of torment.

I wanna hear you so much now..

i need to feel you beside me

Standing by me,holding my hand...

In the frozen night I don't even feel the cold outside

i'll try to find you,to find me...through your last words tha world was ruined..

I'll never know if you ever loved me...i don't even belong to your heart..Maybe I never did...

My body burns the bed I lie on..

The blood runs like a river,like our river...

Where are you my god..?

My endless love is still lighten for you..

My heart beats stronger now...Peace is floating my dead body...My soul however,is still alive...

Hunting you,wanting you...

Blood is slipping out of my open wounds..

A knife shinning on my bed..

No breath...No strength...Only a word in my heart..


A love that hurt me..

A love that killed me..Only my body....My spirit is now free...

Free to haunt you..

To make you love me more than ever..

The way i loved you..with all my heart..

And now...


To know me better...

Even if my English isn't so good i'll try to express my thoughts as i want to...you didn't ask me to, but i'd like to communicate right now.

People nowadays is very pathetic,sad,miserable we could say..i am too!

They all search for the easy solution,tha salvation..

Through everyone and everything appearing in our lives,we try to pull something that will make us feel better..in a way,we use people to make ourselves feel better. That's the worst thing i've ever realised. For myself too,sometimes..

We need people to be around us but, do they..? People that is or is not in my life,is in it for reasons of love,habit,respect, choice.. my choice..

I choose them and they only choose if they'll stay in it or not..

Most of time my temper is bad, melancholic, pathetic..i may cry, hit myself, but i will always be thinking of other people..


I may not care if they do or don't..I try to be ok with myself but i haven't managed it yet.. My problems are mostly resolvable ones but it's time to take decisions for my life but i would never get into drugs or alcohol..( only a joint here and there:Pppp)

Some people prefer it by thinking.. Some others combine these two and the results are mostly DRUNK ONES..!


..my inner demons are coming up more and more everyday..

I need somebody to guide me but i will ask only his conseils..(that's french..i don't remember the word in English..It's not the only..!) Advice may be the right word..:Ppp

The road is in front of MY eyes.. not in front of theirs..

I need people just to stand by me..these are my insafeties coming up..i'm not afraid of being alone.I don't use people..i may want to be used..but not abused..

I don't think i gave you something special or a manual of me by writing this to you..:P

It was only a text turning around me and my affront of the shape of the things..

Take care my dearest friends..

Stay darker than just black nails..